What is a Workation Yurt?
The Workation Yurt is a program for entrepreneurs and professionals, who want to work remotely and live in different cities and countries.

We organize your accommodation in a hotel or apartment, find a coworking space with stable wi-fi, transfer from the airport and back, as well as take care of meetings with local experts and joint events. We also provide you with a local SIM and a discount card.
What is a workation?
A workation is a combination of remote work and vacation outside the home town.

The workation is a working vacation or working holiday (sometimes workoliday). The concept combines the words "work" and "vacation". Who goes to workation works in the first half of the day and rest in the second (or vice versa). It turns out such an ideal balance: you don't burn out, and you don't have time to miss your working days.
Who can join Workation Yurt?
Absolutely everyone. As long as you have a project that you can create or implement remotely from anywhere in the world.

Maybe you have a full-time job in a huge corporation in the office, or you work in a distributed team, or you are an artist, a social media manager or an education leader who is not tied to the office.

Maybe something exciting happened to you and you need time to meditate and calmly work on new ideas and projects. A sabbatical is also about Workation Yurt.

Overall, if you have something to keep yourself busy during the day, you can easily join the digital nomad team who live, work and relax at the Workation Yurt.

What kind of people will I be surrounded by at the Workation Yurt?
— We bring together people who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Joint work meetings and meditations help to look at your work from a different perspective.

— We work and we chill. Each digital nomad comes with his own project, startup or product that he will work on at the Workation Yurt. A project, startup or product can be at any stage: from idea to implementation.

— We value openness, diversity and interaction. Therefore, we are assembling a unique team of digital nomads with whom it will be easy and comfortable. After all, each of them has their own unique personal experience and competencies.
What does Workation Yurt look like?
We value the unique experience of each digital nomad, therefore we bring people together with common values. Here, each member is involved in the process, you can share experiences and get feedback. There is time for yourself, for your work, creativity and self-reflection. And the workshops and surroundings will be a good addition to your journey.

Two organizers land on the Workation Yurt. They check the efficiency of the yurt ecosystem: your sleeping places, coworking space, internet and Wi-Fi. They run a coyurting: organize joint events, night potluck dinners and meditations.

Residents share their knowledge and competencies with each other. Free exchange takes place through weekly practices and discussions. We provide an opportunity to team up and find a "Coffee Buddy" to get to know each other.

Will I live in a yurt? Where do I live?
It's great to live in a yurt, but it's for nomads. For digital nomads, we provide digital yurts. Generally it is a lodging in hotels, apartments or houses. Lodging conditions for each Workation Yurt may vary.
See the conditions on the page of the Workation Yurt where you are going to go.
How can I work remotely?
The 2020 world lockdown prompted thousands of companies to send employees home. Someone liked it better than wasting their time in traffic and noisy offices. So, working from home, we've discovered new horizons of productivity and procrastination :)

Today, companies are thinking about making remote working formats the new norm. Already today, Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, and Aviaseles have given their employees the ability to work remotely and after the lock down is completed.

We welcome everyone to Workation Yurt - entrepreneurs, IT specialists, project managers, data analysts, product owners, leaders of educational projects, creative producers, marketing directors, and we are waiting for you too.
How do I know the Workation Yurt is not for me?
The Workation Yurt is not just a trip to another country and immersion in local culture. This is an opportunity to reboot and find new ideas for your project. If all you want to do is rest, our format is not for you.

We're not on our way if you're not ready to share your knowledge and expertise with the other members of the Workation Yurt.

The Workation Yurt is not for you if you're not ready to participate in creating the program and events.
Is online meeting really necessary?
We value openness, diversity and interaction. Therefore, we are assembling a unique team of digital nomads with whom it will be easy and comfortable. After all, each of them has their own unique personal experience and competencies.

Online acquaintance in ZOOM is an opportunity to lay the foundation for long-term cooperation between digital nomads and the Workation Yurt, as well as to answer all questions personally.

It is important for us that you understand the value and uniqueness of the Workation Yurt as a place for digital nomads who work on their projects and develop, travel and have fun.
How many digital nomads unites Workation Yurt?
We usually unite 15-20 unique people at one Workation Yurt. This allows you to get to know everyone, find your people, and be on the same wavelength.
Your participation can be paid in two payments. The first payment of 50% must be made within 48 hours of receiving the invitation to join the digital nomad team. The second payment must be paid no later than one month before the start of the Workation Yurt.

Once you have paid the full payment, we will start designing your joining the Workation Yurt, which also includes booking your place in the apartment and co-working space. To receive the best deals from our partners - apartments and co-working spaces, we need to pay in advance.
Opt-out and refund
If you can not go to the Workation Yurt, but you have made an advance payment, we will refund it in full if you have warned us 2 (two) months or more before the start of the Workation Yurt.

If you decide to refuse to participate and notify us less than 2 (two) months before the Workation Yurt, then, unfortunately, we will not be able to return the money to you, as we will have already paid the living expenses and the program.
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